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Viper Gravity Latch


The innovative Viper Gravity Latch provides enhanced security. The Viper Gravity Latch’s revolutionary design enhances security by eliminating the risk of hook jams and guiding issues. With no guiding means, it ensures smooth operation for worry-free closing of gates or doors. This is achieved by removing the guiding means altogether, ensuring smooth operation and peace of mind. This revolutionary design ensures the latch’s robust performance and uncompromising functionality, allowing you to rely on it with confidence. Experience added safety and convenience with the Viper Gravity Latch, knowing that your gates or doors will close seamlessly without any hindrances. Embrace a new level of worry-free security with this cutting-edge latch solution.

Features & Benefits

  • No jamming worries
  • Simple to operate
  • Superior Quality
  • Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Components



To guarantee your satisfaction and confidence in our product, our K9 Latch comes with a 10-year warranty. We stand behind the quality and durability of our hinge, ensuring that it meets your expectations. In the unlikely event of any defects or issues during the specified warranty period, we will promptly address and resolve them, providing you with peace of mind.

Additional Information

Material: Rust Resistant Stainless Steel

Mechanism: Single action opening mechanism

Colour: Black

Double Sided lockable from both sides